Monday, November 23, 2009

Selling out the Farmer......................again!!!

In just three months I have either seen or heard of three incidents involving the actual or potential sell out of Tasmanian Farmers. First, Tasmania's Dairy Farmers taking crippling price reductions, Second, a prominent wine grower offered ridiculous whole of vintage prices and now, Smithton vegetable growers left high and dry by a national processor closing its Smithton operations.

Again, I implore all Australians, especially those of you living in the beautiful state of Tasmania to buy local be it milk, vegetables or wine. The way for primary producers to secure their own destinies is to secure their marketing options. That is to take more control of how, where and to whom their produce is sold. Your purchase of vegetables at the local farmers market or wine at the cellar door or local grower co-operative is what's needed. Tasmanian Co-operative Wine Sales, a newly launched Tasmanian wine promoting concept is contributing to widening the marketing channels for a handful of select member vineyards in Southern Tasmania. Make becoming a member of the Co-Op cellar the first thing you do after visiting this site. Join the site as a "follower" leaving your contact details for a personal chat with one of our Co-op members and experience the concept of buying locally, local Tasmanian wines.

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